The best alternative to Trello for your team

The best alternative to Trello for your team

Mark Trego
Jan 13, 2017

Looking for a better, more productive alternative to Trello?

Well, let us help you out with this.

Trello is one of the popular team collaboration tools around, and what makes it different from most of the other tools is its boards/lists/cards feature that allow users to organize and prioritize their work in a fun way. This feature is great because teams get to see all the information at a glance. But apart from that, whether Trello’s the best tool for your team remains questionable.

We did a little comparison between Trello and Hibox, and it seems to be lacking in some really awesome features that your team wouldn’t want to miss.

An alternative to Trello

Here’s some of the cool stuff that you can get, only from Hibox: a valid alternative to Trello

Chat with your team: With Hibox, you can easily coordinate the tasks you are working on with your team. Each project has its own dedicated chat stream where you can send messages, share files and execute tasks. The integrated chat system makes it so much easier to keep your team updated and make sure deadlines are met on time.

Videoconference: This is one of most useful tool we have that Trello doesn’t – an integrated videoconference function. So when Trello users want to start a videoconference, they would have to leave the application and wait until everyone is connected to another tool like Skype, before starting the call. Having a fully integrated videoconferencing system means workflow doesn’t get interrupted. It also means a lot of advantages like reducing meetings, saving time by communicating face to face with your team, and being connected in a more personal way.

Balance + Usability: Hibox focuses its platform on team chat without losing the vital ability to manage the tasks of your team. It’s because we understand that the best teams are those which can communicate effectively. With Trello, you can manage tasks, but you lose a really good way to communicate. There is a higher focus on the task manager, which doesn’t help solve a lot of the project management problems teams have. Hibox guarantees a better usability. Chat and task management are intuitively integrated together and therefore won’t impede on each other, so your team can collaborate better.

Artificial intelligence:  AI is thought to be the future, but for us it is already present. Hibox offers a built-in AI virtual assistant that will help you with everything – from the registration process to reminding you of your task deadlines. Our AI wizard helps you decide which user is the best to assign a task to, predict how much time projects will take, automatically schedule meetings and much more.

It’s easier to track productivity: With Hibox, you can track the time your team members spend on tasks and analyze what is working and what is not.

Live support in English 24/7: so whenever you need help, you and your team will get an answer right away.

But the best part? *drumroll please*
It’s more than twice the features of Trello at HALF the price!

Try Hibox! The best platform for team collaboration. The best alternative to Trello.

Okay, there’s really not much else I can say, if it’s not already clear that Hibox is the better solution. Start achieving greater things with your team now!

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