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The best alternative to Todoist for your team

Sophia Ellis
Jan 15, 2017

Are you looking for a better, more productive alternative to Todoist?

We’ve come to a point where we are overwhelmed with so many choices that we cannot make up our minds anymore. It’s nice when someone narrows down these choices to just a few, then helps make a simple comparison to help you decide.

We’re here to do that for you! 
We’ve considered just two choices: Todoist and Hibox.

Out of the many other team collaboration tools around, Todoist stands out with its simplistic and intuitive design. The application’s “clean look” is perhaps the reason why it is loved by many teams. Todoist also works on nearly every device or platform that you can think of, and you can even integrate it to your Gmail account. However, if you are looking for the ultimate collaboration tool to get stuff done with your whole team, Todoist may fall a bit short.

Like Todoist, Hibox also has a simple and intuitive interface which makes it super easy to use. But Todoist seems to be lacking in some really awesome features that your team wouldn’t want to miss out on.An alternative to Todoist

Here’s some of the cool stuff that only Hibox offers: really valid alternative to Todoist 

Integrated chat system: This feature allows you to easily coordinate the tasks you are working on with your team. Create a unique chat stream for each project (and as many projects as you like) where you can send messages, share files and execute tasks. With Hibox, your team is now able to collaborate in real-time, keep each other informed and ensure that projects meet their deadlines.

Videoconference: Why waste time organising physical meetings when they could just be a click away? Or even hopping from one application to another just to start a videoconference? Hibox’s integrated videoconference function easily makes it stand out from Todoist. With a fully integrated videoconferencing system, you no longer have to hop from one application to another and wait for everyone to get onto that same app before starting the call – so you don’t interfere with the work progress.

Artificial intelligence: Imagine having a personal assistant for your daily work, whether you’re the CEO or just an intern at the office – it’s possible with Hibox’s built-in AI virtual assistant. It helps you with everything – from the registration process to reminding you of your task due dates. Our AI wizard helps you recognise the best person to assign a task to, predict project durations, automatically schedule events or meetings, and more.

A fun way to chat: Humans are visual beings – which explains why we love using emojis and GIFs to express ourselves when we chat online. It is also why adding emotional communication in the workplace can help to create a company culture and bring the team together. Hibox’s chat system adds these little features that create a fun touch to our chat system, so team communication is never boring. Work-related or not, it doesn’t always have to so serious!

Live support: Another thing Hibox has that Todoist doesn’t. We aim to deliver the best experience for your team – anytime you need help, our 24/7 live support is always there to provide instantaneous assistance. Never let technical issues get in the way of your work!

Try Hibox! The best platform for team collaboration. The best alternative to Todoist.

All in all, you get more when you use Hibox. The answer’s clear!

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