alternative to Slack

The best alternative to Slack for your team

Sophia Ellis
Jan 20, 2017

Are you looking for a better, more productive alternative to Slack?

An alternative to Slack

Slack is the most popular of the collaboration tools, but is it really the best one? It was created to make communication inside teams easier with team chat streams. Slack has indeed been a great tool for communication. Team members can discuss together way better than over email. Importantly, it helps with brainstorming and sharing information easily. However, Slack is not very practical to manage tasks and to track progress of team members. In that case, you need a better alternative to Slack.

If you want to go from talk to action, you might want to try out the best Slack alternative: Hibox.

To make your team more productive, you need more features that actually help you get things done, not just annoying integrations that distract you and crowd your chat stream.

Here are the Hibox features that make it the productive alternative to Slack:

  • All in one task management: you don’t need to always switch to another platform if you need to share files, talk in real life, or assign tasks. There is everything you need in our all-in-one platform. Hibox was developped for professionals who need to stay focused and efficient at all time; you don’t loose time switching from a tool to another and waiting for all team members to be connected on the other tool.
  • Less noise: there are less meaningless notifications from numerous integrated apps, your team isn’t constantly disturbed and you can stay focused on your work.
  • It’s easier to track productivity: track the time your team members spend on tasks and analyze what is working and what is not.
  • Live support in English 24/7: so whenever you need help, you and your team will get an answer right away.
  • AI virtual assistant: This tool recognizes which of your messages you want to create a task from and automatically suggests it for you. You can create tasks right in the chat stream. Soon, your personal assistant will be able to assign tasks to the members who have the least tasks or who have done similar tasks, saving you time and maximizing productivity.
  • This is key: All this is half the cost!

Again, if you only need a communication platform for a non-stop group chat, sure, Slack is perfect. But if you want your team to achieve goals and increase productivity, Slack is not your tool. You need something with more efficient features to help you get things done well.

Try Hibox! The best platform for team collaboration. The best alternative to Slack.

Usually with Hibox, a team saves up to 80% of their time managing tasks our way. This all-in-one tool helps teams save time, energy and money when organizing projects and tasks.

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