alternative to Skype

The best alternative to Skype for your team

Sophia Ellis
Jan 20, 2017

Are you looking for a better, more productive alternative to Skype?

Skype is one of the most popular communication tools that allows you to video call contacts all over the world over the internet. However the video calls and a very basic chat also are the only features that Skype offers. For business internal communication, Skype is not enough! With Skype, you still need to add a multitude of other platforms to your team’s  toolbox to manage tasks, plan projects, or share files.

An alternative to Skype

Don’t worry, there’s an alternative that brings you all these features in one easy platform. You can always still keep Skype for recruitment interviews or personal calls. But again, to manage a project team, organize your work, and truly collaborate over distance, Hibox is a much better tool. Why use tons of different platforms with only one functionality each (such as Skype, Email and more), while you can use one that gives you all the features and integrations you need?

Here’s why Hibox is the right alternative to Skype that your team needs to increase productivity:

Skype is not enough to increase your productivity and improve collaboration. Hibox provides the same functionality as Skype with so much more all in the same platform so you don’t have to waste time and kill productivity switching platforms.

Here are just a few of the advantages of using Hibox instead of Skype:

  • Complete task management and a chat in the same platform.
  • Chat groups are persistent and well constructed. You can share files, video call, and assign tasks right from every stream. Furthermore, these chat groups are saved and searchable, unlike Skype which erases past conversations.
  • You will never lose the information, you can trace any messages, tasks, and files sent in the past with a simple search.
  • The platform is only for your team: no outside users can be added or may enter without being invited by admins. Conversations and file sharing is focused and safe.
  • You get live support 24/7 in English; no problem, anytime.
  • Built-in Artificial Intelligence will help your team to increase its productivity. An AI tool will soon help you determine best user to assign a task to, predict how much time a project will take, schedule meetings automatically, and so much more!
  • Get a quick overview of your tasks and projects in a calendar, you can track the time spent for each task and even export in an Excel Doc all the tasks you have completed for reviews.
  • With Hibox, you have the access to many more features than with Skype, almost three times cheaper! With Hibox, you pay $4 instead of $ 11.63 per user.

Try Hibox! The best platform for team collaboration. The best alternative to Skype.

In a nutshell, for your team’s productivity and connectivity, try Hibox’s all in one solution to save money and time today.

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