The best alternative to Basecamp for your team

The best alternative to Basecamp for your team

Mark Trego
Jan 08, 2017

Alternative to Basecamp: Hibox

Basecamp is a popular alternative for teams looking for a task and project management solution.  We think Basecamp is one of the better solutions on the market. However, when compared to Hibox there are a few key features missing in Basecamp such as videoconferencing, multiple languages and an artificial intelligence powered virtual assistant that can really help improve the way your team communicates and collaborates together.

And on top of that did we mention that Hibox is half the cost of Basecamp at $4.0 per user per month? Now that’s something we think both your finance team and management can get behind 🙂

Check out our summary below to see a detailed comparison between Hibox and Basecamp.

Alternative to Basecamp
And here is an in depth explanation of Hibox’s main features and how it represents the best alternative to Basecamp for your team:

Advanced task management.

  • Create and Assign Tasks. Create a task from any stream or chat with one click.
  • Set Due Dates and Never Miss A Deadline. Set specific due dates and times for each task. You can also set a recurring due date and that task will automatically re-assign itself again.
  • Break up a task with subtasks. Delegate work and make sure all parts are coming together on time!
  • Sort tasks by priority. Know exactly what you should be working on.
  • Plan ahead with our calendar view. Get the big image of your team’s work and progress.

Internal chat for companies.

  • Private and group conversations. Our internal chatting feature is perfect for when you need to chat with someone privately, or if you’re working on a project with a group of people.
  • Easily Quote Messages. Quote a message by simply dragging and dropping to add your own commentary. You can also drag and share them in other streams!
  • Notification Center. On the top left of Hibox see a history of everything that you have been mentioned in, to see who ‘liked’ your message, or even a reminder if a task is due soon.
  • Mention Your Team Members. In any stream you can mention specific colleagues in order to get their attention within a group conversation.
  • Modern and Visual Internal Chatting. Share GIFs and emojis to express yourself and use hashtags to create discussions that you can also see in the search and filter box!


  • One-to-one Instant Videoconferencing. With Hibox, you can start a video call by simply clicking the video icon. No plug in or installation required to video chat in the same platform.
  • Group Video Calls. Get multiple users on a videoconference at the same time to brainstorm face-to-face.
  • Virtual Meetings with Integrated Chat and Tasks. During video calls, your team can continue to chat, share files, and assign tasks. You can set your plans into action in real-time!


  • Integrate your favorite apps. With Hibox you can integrate external apps that you use such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Box. We make sharing files with your team simple!
  • Fully Searchable History. All conversations and files shared in Hibox are saved and searchable for everyone.
  • Recent Files View. In the files section you have an overview of all the documents that have been shared in every stream.

Your own personal AI assistant.

  • Your assistant will help you with your everyday tasks. It recognizes patterns in your messages and suggests possible actions, such as creating or assigning a task to someone. We make your chat actionable!

Multiple Languages.

  • Live support in English, Spanish, French and Portuguese 24/7. Whenever you need help, you and your team will get an answer right away.

Track your team’s productivity, safely share all types of documents from any device, have all of your team communicate and integrate their work on one main platform – Hibox has all of the features we know teams need in order to be as efficient and collaborative as possible. Modern task management like this will completely transform the way you and your team work!

Try Hibox! The best platform for team collaboration. The best alternative to Basecamp.

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