Alternative to Asana

The best alternative to Asana for your team

Sophia Ellis
Jan 20, 2017

Are you looking for a better, more productive alternative to Asana?

An alternative to Asana

There are so many different communication platforms for teams to choose from. Asana is one of the best-known thanks to its intuitive design and its many functionalities. But if you really want to improve your communication and increase your productivity, there are a few features Asana is missing to make it truly productive for teamwork.

Hibox is a brilliant alternative to Asana that covers a lot of the areas Asana doesn’t.

The following features are what make Hibox the best platform for team collaboration.

  • Chat with your team: With Hibox, you can easily coordinate the tasks you are working on with your team. Each project has its own dedicated chat stream where you can send messages, share files and execute tasks. With integrated chat, it’s so much easier to keep your team updated and make sure deadlines are met on time.
  • Videoconference: And here’s one of the biggest differences between Hibox and Asana. Asana does not have an integrated videoconference system, so you would have to leave Asana, and wait until everyone is connected to another tool like Skype to start the call, which stalls work. There are many advantages of a fully integrated videoconferencing system: e.g. reducing meetings, saving time by communicating face to face with your team, and being connected in a more personal way.
  • Balance + Usability: Hibox focuses its platform on team chat without losing the vital ability to manage the tasks of your team. You can both communicate better and increase productivity. With Asana, you can manage tasks, but you lose a really good way to communicate. There is a higher focus on the task manager. Chat and communication in general are not the focus. This doesn’t help solve a lot of the project management problems teams have. Hibox guarantees a better usability. Chat and task management are intuitively integrated together and therefore won’t impede on each other, just help your team collaborate.
  • Artificial intelligence:  AI is thought to be the future, for us it is already present. Hibox offers a built-in AI virtual assistant that will help you with everything from the registration process to reminding you of your task deadlines. Our AI wizard helps you decide which user is the best to assign a task to, predict how much time projects will take, automatically schedule meetings and much more.
  • Price: Establishing an internal communication platform for a team has costs. If we’re going to make an investment,  we want it to get a platform that helps us to generate more profit. You definitely want to take into account long-term costs. Both Hibox and Asana have a free version, although the differences are already considerable (unlimited users in Hibox, only 15 members in Asana). We will focus on the pricing difference between the PRO or Premium version.                                                      For $8.33 member / month you will have the Premium version of Asana with similar or lower characteristics compared to those of the PRO version of Hibox. With Hibox, getting more features for less than half of the price and at costs of only $ 4 member / month. Hibox is a much more valuable alternative.
  • Language + 24/7 support: Of course, English is the universal language, but still everyone is more productive if one can work in its mother tongue.  Hibox realizes this and offers the platform in five languages (English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and French) already and soon will include German.                                                                                                

Try Hibox! The best platform for team collaboration. The best alternative to Asana.

Additionally, we offer our customers a 24/7 live support in their language to solve any issues quickly and easily.

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