Task organization apps that you need

Task organization apps: why you need one & how to choose?

Mariano Rodríguez Colombelli
Feb 11, 2018

Getting in control of your distractions and responsibilities to boost productivity this year is going to take some task organization. It seems simple and common sense, but if it really was, we’d all be on an Elon Musk level of productivity. If you’ve got a lot of goals lined up for this year, task organization is going to be key to your success. It’s time to get rid of old habits of endless to-do lists and procrastinating projects now if you’re going to boost your productivity.

Why task organization apps?

To-do lists and sticky notes aren’t going to cut it for multiple project and a truly hectic schedule (which is all of us these days). It’s time to step up your work routines and organization. To-do lists may be your go-to but they aren’t the best way to plan out how you’re using your time. Even to-do lists apps may not be any better. When you create to-do lists, it encourages multi-tasking and overloading your day with tasks that won’t even get done, but instead are moved over to the next day.

A better way to organize your work and tasks through apps:

Choosing between 10-15 tasks to assign to yourself and then schedule throughout the week is a much better way to ensure everything important is handled. It takes the pressure off you each day to try to rush and get through your list and you know there is a time for every task. Having a deadline for each task also keeps you on track and adds the extra push you need to stop from procrastinating. You treat tasks different when you know you had it scheduled and you can’t just move it over to tomorrow’s list.

Whether you’re working solo or with a team, there are plenty of task organization tools available to cover a variety of functions.The amount of options can be overwhelming.

Here’s what to look for in task organization apps:

The key with finding the right task organization app is making sure that what you use to organize yourself doesn’t actual create more work for you. Sometimes we get caught up using tools that take more time to learn to use and fit into our workflow that they actually make us less productive. It’s important to find something that simplifies your work, not complicates it. The following features are what to look for:

Works with the tools you already rely on

There’s nothing more frustrating than having to jump on three to four different platforms and login just to get work done. A great task organization app should work and integrate well with the tools you already rely on like email, Google Drive, Dropbox, etc. You should be able to organize your work alongside your files so your tasks are always actionable, especially if you are sharing them with other. The less clicking around, logging in, and emailing files you do, the more organized and productive you will be.

Communication built in

This is more important than is may seem at first, but considering we can waste up to 6 hours a day constantly checking and trying to communicate via email, it very much is. Tasks and important deadlines can fall through the cracks when you are jumping between your email, group chat, or video call and your task organization app. Using an app that has intuitive team communication built right in is the best way to streamline your processes.

Supports collaboration

Working together can be much easier and more productive online than the ways most teams are working together now. So many of the most used tools aren’t supportive of real-time collaboration, they are segregated. We use email to send files and communicate, then a project management tool to map out tasks, then a video calling program to group video chat, then a file sharing program to send bigger files, etc. It’s holding teams back. The best task organization apps have everything your team needs to communicate, share files, and manage tasks built in to one central place for real collaboration.

Videocall apps for a better task organization

For a task organization app that covers all the bases, try Hibox. Hibox provides company chat with task management built right in for actionable conversations.

Company chat apps for tasks organization

You can share files directly in your chat streams using the file programs you already love like Google Drive and Dropbox. And your team can video call without having to log into another program with just one click. Try Hibox for organizing tasks for free with your team today.

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