Set up task management sync with mobile and desktop

How to set up task management that syncs with mobile & desktop

Mark Trego
Feb 12, 2018

Have you ever downloaded a task management app and started using it only to eventually abandon it a week later? The problem with task management tools and apps is that they need to fit into our workflow and processes intuitively for them to really stick and make a difference in our productivity. If you have to open six platforms, login, and keep tabs on all your apps just to stay notified and organized, you’re going to be wasting time. The best way to make task management work for you is to have it sync with your mobile desktop so all of your devices are digital workspaces, not just a collection of unused apps.

Here’s how to make task management to sync with your mobile desktop:

First, eliminate distractions

The hardest part of staying focus on any screen is the number of notifications and other options available to you that keep you distracted from work. Eliminating these is the key  to setting up a productive task management system on all your devices. There are several tools you can use to eliminate distractions on your desktop. If you use Google Chrome, extensions like Do Not Disturb can take care of any notifications you have set for just the amount of time you want to be left alone for work. If you want to even take it a step further, you can even block certain websites for certain time periods to keep you on track with StayFocusd. Also, can check out these tips on eliminating distractions.

Eliminate distractions for task management sync

Use an all-inclusive task management platform that you can sync with mobile and desktop

Your task management tool should eliminate the need for jumping around to different tools. Just task management doesn’t cover all the functionality you need to really get work done. If you can eliminate the need for constantly checking email, opening up different platforms like Skype, Zoom, or Slack for communicating. It’s too distracting and difficult to switch between other platforms on your task manager. You will end up using it less and less until you’re back to disorganization. Using one platform like Hibox that has task management, group chat, and group video chat built in eliminates the back and forth entirely. You just have to worry about logging in once and checking notifications from one tool to stay up to speed. Hibox comes with one, all inclusive app too so you can erase those six other productivity apps.

Use all-inclusive task management platform

Integrate the file managers you already use:

Task management is only productive when it’s actually actionable. Your files where you work and your task management should be one in the same for a complete digital workspace. Integrate the file management systems you already use with a task manager so the files related to your tasks are always on hand easily and you don’t have to search through emails, Drive, or the files on your desktop. A lot of task managers do come with the option to attach files to tasks. It’s best if, like with Hibox, you can pull files from anywhere right within your task manager. Hibox integrates Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive for optimal file sharing with task management. This way, you don’t even need to have these platforms open to find exactly what you need.

Simplify notifications that sync with desktop and mobile and manage your tasks

It’s always nice to be reminded. That’s the point of a task manager. But having your screen full of notifications from various emails and productivity platforms? That’s the opposite of productivity. Use a task manager that has desktop and email notifications so you will see them but with ones that you can control to focus on what’s important. Hibox allows you to streamline which tasks you get notifications for based on priority and deadlines and even from which task lists you get notifications from. This way you know when you get a notification on your desktop or your email, it’s important; don’t just close it out! This will also go for mobile so you get the most important update on the go.

Use notification that sync with desktop

By simplifying the overall time and energy it takes to organize yourself, you can make the best use of a task manager. The simpler your task management system, the better you can stay organized across all your desktops and devices. Try Hibox today for the most simple and complete task management system.

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