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My Internship Experience In A Tech Startup In Barcelona.

Salut tout le monde! My name is Solène. I worked at Hibox at their HQ in Barcelona. Hibox […]

Solene Ponson
Apr 07, 2017

5 Tips For The Most Productive Remote Work Schedule

Having your own schedule and being able to set up your office in coffee shops and trendy co-working […]

Sophia Ellis
Mar 16, 2017

6 Important Tools To Boost Your Remote Team Productivity

New companies and veteran corporations alike have a new frontier in employment. The introduction of the ‘digital workplace’ […]

Sophia Ellis
Mar 05, 2017

Hibox Makes Silicon Valley’s Constellation Research Group Messaging Shortlist

More good news from the team at Hibox! We’re pleased to announce Hibox has been selected to join […]

Sophia Ellis
Mar 03, 2017

Five Tips For Increasing Productivity for a Decentralized Team

Right now, decentralized teams are pretty common. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s becoming very common for you […]

Sophia Ellis
Mar 03, 2017

Whatsapp: Why It’s Bad For Your Business

There’s a lot of buzz about workplace chat and the increased productivity companies are experiencing as a result. […]

Sophia Ellis
Feb 22, 2017

Hibox at the Mobile World Congress 2017

Hibox has been selected to pitch at 4YFN at Mobile World Congress 2017 in our hometown of Barcelona, […]

Mariano Rodríguez Colombelli
Feb 20, 2017

3 Ways To ‘Digitally Minimize’ For Better Office Productivity

Recently, the term “digital detox” has become quite the buzzword. Many of us have pushed our phone memory […]

Sophia Ellis
Feb 15, 2017

5 Artificial Intelligence Productivity Tools You Won’t Be Able To Do Without

Artificial Intelligence used to be a long-off possibility but is now manifesting all around us. It’s on its […]

Sophia Ellis
Feb 01, 2017

Personal Productivity Game Plan: 7 Vital Steps To Reaching Your Goals

Productivity boils down to the individual minutes and how you choose to spend them. If we know personal […]

Sophia Ellis
Jan 27, 2017