The top upcoming marketing trends your team should know about

Sophia Ellis
Jul 24, 2017

The digital marketing space is changing way too quick for any one team to keep on top of. You’d have to cover all corner of the internet to keep up on all the trendy ways companies and startups are targeting and pulling in new customers. Luckily, we’ve done a little research ourselves as the Hibox marketing team and we’ve identified some of the hottest marketing trends any company can put to use (including ours).

Live video streaming via social media

Thanks to the takeover of mobile, everything is live and on the go. Sports, news, and each other lives are broadcasted with the touch of a button. And now so is advertising and it can be incredibly effective if done right. The draw of “live” streaming video on platforms such as Facebook is that your audience feels immediately connected. Additionally, there’s an exclusivity and scarcity to it that draws and keeps viewers longer than adspace. If you can use a platform like Facebook Live to bring your target audience content that’s interesting and informative, you’ll have their attention much longer than a pay-per-click ad. At Hibox, we’re about to do our first webinar.

Chatting directly with potential customers

We jumped on the customer chat trend pretty quick and it’s been hugely effective for us. With other platforms like Facebook messenger opening up to private companies, literally having a discussion with your customer base is easier than ever. The benefit of having a company chat or chat bot ready to talk to your potential customers is that any questions they have that may inhibit them from your CTA you’re “there” to answer right away and you can gather information on what your customers actually want. It’s soon to move from marketing trend to expectation.

Interactive Content

People spend more time online procrastinating than actually doing productive things than ever, especially with social media. More and more companies are learning to use distraction to capture their target audience’s attention with interactive content. Cosmo and Buzzfeed have done a brilliant job at creating popular and frequently shared interactive quizzes. But interactive content isn’t just for gossip and clickbait sites. Use interactive content to provide valuable information to your audience to build credibility. We just launched our first quiz as well!

Social buying

Pretty much off the bat, social media became a place of advertisement for consumer products. Some of the most followed and shared social accounts are from large corporations that have carefully curated their content to capture the attention of their target audience around the world and get them to their site. Now that last step isn’t even necessary, many social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram have introduced “click to buy” so your customers can purchase as soon as they’ve found you. Now obviously, this makes perfect sense for consumer goods like fashion and homeware but it will be interested to see how B2B and tech uses this trend.

Expiring content

As you know by their insane IPO this year, Snapchat is addicting for one reason only: expiring content. There’s something hugely intriguing about visual content that you’ll miss out on if you’re not on top of it. It brilliantly plays on the millennial FOMO (fear of missing out) disposition. People love “top 10 lists” and “tips” on platforms like Snapchat. If you can provide interesting and useful content to your target audience, no matter what age and industry, and then make it disappear, you’ll have your customers cyberstalking you and then telling their friends to do the same.It’s an interesting turning of the tables thanks to this new trend.

Obviously, the clickbait and very social companies already have these down to a tee but what will be most interesting is how the rest of us take these trends and use them to communicate better with our target customers. We hope this sparked some inspiration for your marketing team!

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