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Marketing automation tools and tricks to boost sales effortlessly

Mark Trego
Aug 29, 2018

Marketing used to be a whole department effort but nowadays small companies with one or two people actually dedicated to “marketing” are miraculously killing big companies in terms of sales. It’s all the result of automated marketing and the incredibly easy tools available. Your team of two can now do the work of a whole traditional marketing department. On average, marketing automation increases sales productivity by 14.5% and 79% of top performing companies have been automating marketing for more than two years. No team would mind that; it’s time to jump on board.

Taking advantage of marketing automation is no longer just a nice perk, it’s necessary. Customers and potential customers expect efficient online “customer service” and to be communicated with in a personal way, no matter what. Nearly 80% of customers say they are only likely to engage with your offer if it is personalized in some way. For long term future success (and effortless success now), you need to implement marketing automations tools.

Here are the top marketing automation tools and tricks to boost sales:

Retarget your ads automatically with AdRoll:

One of the most simple ways to work automation into your marketing plan is by automating your Facebook, Twitter, and other social ads. You can easily use AdRoll to automate ad retargeting. Ad retargeting is an extremely effective and simple trick you can use to boost sales and prod leads along back to your site. Ad retargeting helps you get your ad in front of leads that have interacted with content in your realm or interacted with your site or ads before. It helps you reach the most ideal audience possible and reclaim some leads who may have fallen off your page before. One great use is for marketing agencies running multiple campaigns for multiple clients: you can retarget leads who have half-completed carts right back to their carts later on. This helps boost sales tremendously for clients without any extra effort.

marketing automation tools

Use Hubspot to keep track of and nurture leads:

There are a ton of tools out there that aggregate the lead management process in one place, but very few have the detail and ease of Hubspot. Hubspot is software you can link to your site to collect leads and automate the way your team contacts and interacts with them. You can create workflows, automated emails, send out campaigns and newsletters, meeting scheduling, and get analytics behind it all in real time. Hubspot gives you everything you need to automate the marketing and sales processes and get them to work together with one platform. Once you get everything setup, it’s a breeze to give all leads a personalized experience with no extra cost or time to you.

marketing automation tools

Build high converting landing pages with Unbounce:

Marketing automation for driving traffic back to your site is only useful if you can convert them once you get there. Unbounce is a great tool that you can get to work with other automation tools to deliver ideal, personalized landing page experiences for traffic coming into your site to better convert and boost sales. It’s drag and drop landing page creator lets anyone on your team design quick landing pages to maximize the efficiency of your ads. You can use CTAs on your landing pages to direct leads to other automation tools like Hubspot and make the whole process of converting leads incredibly easy for you. All you have to look at is sales data. You can also implement A/B testing to simultaneously make small changes and use real data to pick the ones that convert more!

marketing automation tools

Update and engage new and returning users with Beamer:

Updating and re-engaging users can be much easier than sending out ignored updates emails. Install Beamer on your site and see 10x more engagement from new and returning users. Beamer is a newsfeed that sits right within your website or app interface. You can create updates for literally anything: news, new features, offers, sales, new products, etc. Beamer opens from a “What’s New” tab in your navigation or an icon in the interface of your site. It’s a much better, more in context way to reach users and keep them updated on what’s new. You can use push notifications and Zapier with Beamer to send out your updates off of your site via email, your social pages, etc. You just have to update your Beamer feed and everyone, everywhere gets the update. You can also automatically segment updates to send to specific user groups based on demographic, location, language, and past behavior in your site to further boost engagement. Beamer is brilliant for e-commerce sites in presenting new products, deals, and tailoring updates on a per user basis to further close sales with no extra effort.

marketing automation tools

Entice potential customers effortlessly with OptinMonster:

On average, you have less than one minute to capture a lead’s attention who has landed on your site. Seconds after arrival, they are likely to think about leaving…unless you capture their attention. OptinMonster helps you get leads information and lower your abandonment rate by offering personalized incentives for individual leads on directly on your site. You can create personalized popups, web messages, and smart redirecting to give users dynamic options for engaging further with your site. For example, you can create a web message that provides an offer on an item in a user’s cart as they are about to leave your site to redirect them back to their cart for purchase among other options. Tricks like this help convert sales automatically while you sit back.

marketing automation tools

Manage all of your campaigns and ideas together in one place as a team with Hibox:

Creativity and collaboration are a huge part of a successful marketing campaign. Your team needs to be able to work together to manage all of these tools and platforms and make the adjustments necessary to keep growth exponential. Hibox is an all-in-one digital workspace your team can work together on to develop and manage your marketing and sales strategy. Hibox is company chat, task management, file sharing, and group video chat all in one. You can create organized streams for each campaign or client. You can create recurring tasks for weekly actions like checking ad results and sending out new updates on social pages. Hibox auto-detects tasks and users you frequently assign to save you time. You can share all types of files in the chat stream directly so your team can always have access to the latest versions of work and collaborate together.  

marketing automation tools

Create a Lead Generation Quiz with Survey Anyplace

Quizzes are amongst the most shared content on the internet. Actually, 2 of the top 10 most shared posts on Facebook in 2017 were quizzes. And they work wonders for lead generation as well as you can discover your audience’s needs and preferences in an interactive way.

People are more likely to participate in a quiz than to engage with static content or fill in a boring contact form. On top of that, interactive content such as quizzes generates twice as many conversions as static content.

You can generate leads using quizzes in two ways:

1- You can embed a quiz on your website and drive traffic organically or via paid channels such as Adwords or Facebook Ads. Eneco, a producer and supplier of natural gas and electricity, used an interactive questionnaire on their website to generate more than 1000 leads in just 6 weeks.

2- Use the quiz as a first step in your sales funnel, by offering targeted information based on each individual’s answers you can back a lot more value compared to general one-size-fits-all information. With Survey Anyplace you can send a personalized PDF report right after someone takes your questionnaire

Employing any of these tools as part of your marketing process can help boost traffic, engagement, and sales effortlessly for your team. The key to beating out the competition and becoming a favorite for your target market is working smarter with automation, not harder. For a way for your team to collaborate and manage all aspects of your marketing and sales together in one organized place, try Hibox for free today.

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