Is Hibox worth it? Convince yourself with our ROI infographic

Mark Trego
Mar 24, 2017

 With Hibox, we make it our goal to fight the top productivity killers for business teams. Poor communication and unproductive meetings are just two examples a top productivity killers most companies handle poorly.

Hibox provides a solution to these and other productivity roadblocks by providing faster, more intuitive ways to get work done. For example, Hibox will help your team to save up to 70% of time spent in meetings and to be 90% less reliant on email.

One of the most crucial things a company needs to know is is these improvements are able to affect your financials in a positive way. Is Hibox is a really positive investment?

Really, how does Hibox save you money?

For only about as much you spend on two cups of coffee spend per employee per month, each of them will be able to save at least 20 minutes during the workday. In terms of value, this means the company saves $89.00 per day per employee. This figure does not sound a lot, but over the course of a month or even within a year, the aggregate savings can be astronomical. And compared the the very small investment of Hibox? You’re making back your money almost instantly.

Besides just saving a little time, Hibox helps in many other operational areas that will make your business grow both internally and externally. Hibox ensures

  • faster communication and collaboration within your team
  • respond faster and more efficiently to your customers
  • to develop and keep an innovative edge for your company by encouraging brainstorming and collaboration

Develop the productivity accelerators rather than the productivity killers in your company with Hibox.

For more specifics, check out this infographic.

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