Benefits from remote work

10 reasons to work remote – Infographic

Mark Trego
Dec 05, 2017

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, you should know that remote work is becoming an increasingly common reality for a lot of people. In fact, 30% of workers will be remote in some capacity in the next few years. And it’s not surprising to see why people are leaning that way. Did you know that 82% of remote workers report lower levels of stress than their in-office counterparts? Yep, the way we work is changing and there are countless benefits of working remote.

Digital transformation is definitely putting remote work to its advantage, enabling employees to work from anywhere in the world by using collaborative tools to stay connected. Not only does it offer attractive perks to employees (more flexibility, more autonomy and overall job satisfaction) but also to employers. Three of the biggest advantages for employers are reducing costs, hiring the best talent and retaining more employees. It’s easy to say it’s a win-win situation for both.

Since working remotely is clearly booming, we’ve created an infographic of 10 awesome reasons that will make you want to adopt this lifestyle today!

10 Benefits from remote work

We hope this post has given you an idea of some of the great benefits that come along with the remote working lifestyle while staying productive, flexible and happy!

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