How to use business chat tools to improve communication

Spencer Coon
Jun 02, 2017

If you’re team is still playing phone and email tag, you could be losing more than a few minutes per day. Ineffective internal communication could be robbing your team of hours of productivity, plenty of solved problems, and innovative new ideas. Strong internal communication is key to keeping a growing company productive and agile in the face of a constantly changing business terrain.

A sweeping trend in internal communication that has shown incredible results for teams of any size within any industry is business chat. There are plenty of business instant messaging tools on the market to choose from. Your team can easily implement a business chat tool into your process for improved communication and plenty of benefits that go beyond just chat.  

Forget internal email:

Email is likely your team’s biggest internal communication and collaboration enemy. According to recent studies, 40% of employee’s time is spent dealing with internal email, most of which provides no value to business. Business chat tools can rid your team of the email problem for good and give that time back to focusing on the work that matters. Instant messaging sounds like a potential distraction, but with organized streams of conversation, it can make communication between groups fluid and collaborative in a way email could never.

Improved brainstorming:

One of the biggest benefits to using a business chat tool is the sheer number of people you can involve in one conversation. Large email chains and conference calls don’t allow for a large number of participants and often just end up making sense to a few team members. In person brainstorming has it’s own biases that may hinder your top talent from sharing their ideas. Business chat opens the door for brainstorming with a larger number of participants and less bias.

Centralize planning:

One of the most difficult parts of planning projects and long term deadlines across an organization is limited and disjointed communication. Lost emails and multiple versions of plans floating around different departments consumes time and causes expensive mistakes. Business chat allows you to centralize planning and discussions around projects in real time. Everyone, no matter where they are, can participate and get the latest information right away. The most beneficial part of business chat tools for this purpose is recorded and searchable histories. All of the conversation is saved in a central location where everyone has access to exactly what was discussed so no details falls through the cracks.

Flatten the communication structure:

One of the reasons startups excel is because of their ability to move new ideas and solutions through the communication chain and to fruition quickly. This is because most startups don’t have a complicated communication structure to pull the trigger. Companies of any size can help “flatten” their communication structure by implementing business chat tools. Business chat tools allow employees at all levels to be a part of the conversation and reach decision makers more readily. It also provides upper management a way to communicate real time with the “front line” employees who often have some of the greatest insights on the company’s biggest problems and opportunities.

Without updating old internal communication methods, very few companies stand a chance against new startups and companies who are utilizing new technologies like business chat tools. There are so many business chat options for companies to choose from that are easy to implement and use right away. For maximum productivity, it’s best to find a business chat tool that provides everything you need for collaboration and communication in one. Hibox is a great way to get your team working in the digital age right away.

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