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How to increase project management productivity with Hibox

Mark Trego
Mar 10, 2017

Tips and tricks your team can use to boost project management productivity!

Digital Project Management is a must for any size team, whether you’re in an office or spread across the world. By introducing a virtual project management tool, your team can increase productivity, accountability, and track progress better than ever.

Hibox is the ultimate project management tool, with plenty of tips and tricks your team can use to customize it for your workflow.

By using Hibox for project management, you’ll be able to:

  • Break large projects into manageable parts for your team
  • Keep all communication, file sharing, updates, and reminders in the same place
  • See all progress and collaborate real-time no matter where you are

Here’s a quick guide on how to project management with Hibox and boost productivity

One of the most vital (and basic) features you can use to organize projects is streams. Streams are individual chat groups with a specific focus. As a project manager, it’s easy to create a stream for each major project your team is working on or separate a project into different parts using streams.

Improve your project management productivity with a chat company

For example, if you’re a digital marketing team, you can create streams by the different aspects of a project for clients.

Once you have your specific project streams, you can invite only the users that project pertains to. Each stream will have its own task list and file list. This way you can better organize conversations, files, and track tasks based by project when you have multiple projects running at once.

A visual, active project planning tool. Increase your productivity by an efficient project management 

The task calendar view is perfect for getting an interactive, visual view of project timelines and identifying bottlenecks:

Calendar view to increase projects productivity

If you’re planning towards a big deadline or launch date for a new product, Calendar View will give you a clear view of who is working on what for each part of the project. You can drag and drop tasks to other dates and reassign to other users if the workload needs to be shifted to quickly optimize the workload for your team. The best part is, you won’t have to constantly update everyone on changes, it’s always visible and updated in Calendar View.

Focus on what’s important

Within each of your streams, you can see a private task list just for that part of the project. If you want to get a full view of everything going on, you can go to your task view. Here all tasks are listed by streams and you can use filter by date assigned, user assigned, stream, priority, etc:

Search and filter tasks and projects

Divide up the work as a team

Subtasks are perfect for project management. It’s so easy to split up the work on a specific task for a project. Beneath a task, you can add in “subtasks” and assign them to different users and make them due at different times. This is a really effective way to track who is working on which parts and how the pieces will come together on your schedule. As you complete each part, your whole team will get notified. This perfect for remote teams — it’s a great visual of how it all fits together.

Subtasks to divide up work and increase projects productivity

Get the details

To any task or subtask, you can add in your comments to help clarify the details for your team. Whenever you click on a task, a task detail bar will appear with everything you need to know! This is a great place to keep instructions on completing a task, feedback on work, or attaching relevant files.

Tasks details to improve your project management productivity

Virtual collaboration with your team

One of the biggest problems with project management is keeping the latest versions of your actual work updated for everyone! There’s always files lost through email and multiple versions floating around. It can be confusing and lead to costly mistakes and wasted time. You can use the Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box integrations to share files and media with your team. Your team will always have access to the latest version of any file you share. You can collectively work together on documents and discuss real time in your streams or jump on a video call to discuss the details!

Improve your project management productivity by sharing files

These are just a few of our favorite ways to increase project management productivity in Hibox. Try it out for yourself and discover all the ways you can customize Hibox to help your team be more productive and connected than ever!

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