productivity killers at work

How to avoid the three biggest productivity killers at work

Mark Trego
Apr 14, 2017

Productivity killers: How to stay away from them!

Just because you’re at work, it doesn’t mean you’re getting work done! Productivity killers are rife in the modern workplace.

Who isn’t familiar with the never-ending email chains, the pointless meetings and the constant interruptions? These are the BIG productivity killers that you and your colleagues have to deal with every single day. They take up on average 83% of your day, which leaves you with just 17% of your time to actually get stuff done. Shocked? Yup, so are we.

Email as a productivity killer

Unnecessary activities and inefficient processes. These are the real reasons why people are wasting their time. A new research report analysing British businesses, called “Unlocking the UK’s Daily Savings”, found out that 57% of office workers spend an hour a day looking for missing documents and 20% of them have to recreate these documents! Lack of planning and limited resources were the factors identified as to why people felt overwhelmed at work. This just shows how important it is to organize your tasks and improve collaboration within your team for better overall performance.

And the worst part is that after each one of these productivity killers it takes 25 minutes to refocus on your original task. The time wasted is huge!

So, how can companies overcome this major problem? The key is to implement more effective, innovative and user-friendly systems and processes. Time is gold and you want your employees to use it as efficiently as possible.

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