How Modern Lantern used Hibox to increase sales

Sophia Ellis
Jun 14, 2017

For small businesses, growth is expensive and risky. It’s a big burden to take on more fixed costs and employees to go from “starting up” to “in business”. Luckily, business tech has been making huge strides to fill the gap and help businesses become more efficient with what they already have. Business chat tools have allowed businesses to solves problems, share and build on new ideas, and manage customers and sales better.

A few of the great benefits of business chat is the extra channels of communication it opens up between departments, offices, organizational levels, etc. Your business, and the problems and potential, becomes transparent.

Modern Lantern, a small business, operates from one small HQ office in Fort Worth, Texas but serves an international market and collaborates world wide with the interior design industry. Modern Lantern attributes their growth to implementing business chat to allow remote employees, a mobile sales force, and improved communication with partners and customers. For Modern Lantern, Hibox is the most complete business chat platform on the market because it offers communication, collaboration and task management.

The perfect employees, no matter where:

Hibox’s chat allows real time communication for the Modern Lantern team. With everyone communicating in one central platform, Modern Lantern is able to have employees away from the office and work with them flawlessly just like they were in person. Modern Lantern has been able to assemble the perfect team in terms of marketing, design, product development, and distribution without having to worry about attracting talent as a startup. No matter where they are, everyone communicates and shares important information real time in Hibox with the team in Fort Worth.

Better brainstorming:

Business chat makes brainstorming more convenient and actionable than a meeting. Chat streams in Hibox are perfect for discussing new ideas and solutions. Not only can everyone evenly contribute their thoughts without bias, but it’s recorded so nothing goes missed. In Hibox, you can actually create tasks right in chat streams which Modern Lantern uses when planning new designs and marketing campaigns to make sure what needs to get done to get things started is documented. Modern Lantern has saved plenty of time avoiding pointless whiteboard meetings.

Mobile sales force:

With instant communication, file sharing, and task management at their fingertips, Modern Lantern has been able to deploy a mobile sales force using business chat tool Hibox. Trade shows and meetings for large project are a must in the interior design industry. For small companies with a few employees, it can be taxing to have people “out of office” for days at a time. Coordinating to make sure deals run smoothly can be even more difficult. By chatting, creating tasks, and video chatting in Hibox, Modern Lantern is able to continue business as usual and make important decisions real time with their mobile sales team. It’s like everyone’s in two places at once!

Improved customer relationships:

When you have just a couple first customers like Modern Lantern did five years ago, managing customer relationships is an easy collaborative effort. However, when your team is growing and your customer base is beyond the control of just a handful of employees, it’s impossible to give the same experience to customers. Poor communication between team members leads to mistake in orders and lapses in information for customers which can be a big problem for sales and reputation. Modern Lantern tackles this issue with Hibox, communicating about specific deals and clients with all employees using chat so everyone has the necessary information in one place and searchable at anytime.

Without business chat, the growth of Modern Lantern’s small hometown operation would have been much slower and rockier. Business chat has allowed for better customer support, a more mobile and unrestricted team, and better idea generation as the company expands internationally. Check out more about their top choice, Hibox, as an option for a complete business communication and collaboration platform.

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