Tips to manage a team remotely and boost productivity

Five tips for managing a remote and decentralized team and increasing productivity

Mariano Rodríguez Colombelli
Mar 03, 2017

Managing a remote team: how to keep your productivity level high!

Right now, decentralized teams are pretty common. Thanks to advances in technology, it’s becoming very common for you to work with people miles away from you.

What can you do to make sure those miles apart don’t decrease productivity?

We’ll tell you our top five tips for increasing productivity in a decentralized team:

1. Face-to-face communication helps you managing your remote team

Communication is one of the biggest problems for decentralized teams. The solution? Simple, make it a priority to occasionally forget the chat and email and use technology that allows you to speak face to face with your team. Not only is this better for your team’s communication, teams who speak face to face are considerably more productive than those who do not. In a global survey, 67% managers said their company would be more productive if superiors put priority on personal discussion. You know what they say – say it to my face!

Use face-to-face communication to improve your remote team’s productivity

2. Use a task manager

Working with a clear objective is much easier. It’s even easier to plan out objectives when you can see the whole week’s workload ahead of time. This is why using a task manager is an indispensable tool in a decentralized team. Employees will be able to track deadlines and see the work volume and managers will be able to see progress and distribute tasks amongst employees.

3. Minimize meetings

Meetings in decentralized teams, by default, should be minimal. With this type of team, it’s very difficult to get everyone together and with a larger decentralized team, nearly impossible. You should try to minimize or eliminate mass meetings altogether. Use a task manager to communicate the goals of meetings with smaller groups of employees. This way it is much easier to communicate everything important to the whole group and no one misses anything.

4. Organize a strong internal communication system for a better remote team management

Like we said, communication is a huge difficulty of this type of team. Even some of the tips we’ve mentioned above can be difficult to implement for all members of decentralized teams, depending on how big. Something that is vital for all teams is to create a good internal communication system to unify different methods of communication and bring all employees together (virtually). To organize and simplify communication, organize employee communication by different groups for projects, function, etc.

Organize your communication system into streams to better manage your remote team

5. Periodically revise productivity

A positive feature of decentralized teams is that they’re constantly changing. The members of a decentralized team depend on things outside the team like their own processes and environments and this can affect productivity. Periodically review and analyze indicators of your productivity. Watch how the team adapts to changes in process you make to determine the best way to work together. Adaptation is a very important part of the success of decentralized teams.

Revise periodically your productivity to manage your remote team

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