Business chat over email

This chat will make your team ditch business email forever

Mark Trego
Nov 14, 2017

Adopt a new way to chat. Forget about your old business email method.

We can all agree that efficient internal communication is one of the core elements that make a business successful. Email has traditionally been the dominant channel for employees to use when communicating with their colleagues and updating the team with company news. There’s no denying that email is a great tool – it’s cheap, easy to use and everyone has it. But let’s be real – email sucks for getting work done. When it actually comes to managing tasks and collaborating with your, team email can be messy, time-consuming and ineffective.

That’s why we think it’s time to break the email as business chat habit and move onto something better (…and more modern)!

Digital transformation is happening and it’s encouraging companies to stay innovative and on top of trends. Right now business chat is one of them. Why? It’s dynamic, instant and it will boost your team’s productivity!

Here is an infographic that we have created that shows how business chat can benefit your company:

Why using business chat over email

Internal collaboration and communication is key to business growth.

It’s therefore important to find an alternative to email. A business chat tool that is able to include everything your company needs. 

Hibox is an all-in-one solution for your team that includes business chat, task management and video calling. Boost your team’s productivity and check it out today!

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