Case study on improving marketing

Case study: how a marketing agency used Hibox to boost communication by 1300%

Maggie Pancheva
Dec 05, 2017

Looking for a way to get your team working more efficiently? Check out this marketing case study!

Lievant use Hibox to organise their team projects, improve internal communication and boost overall office productivity.

Lievant is a digital marketing agency based in Mexico, with a team of 35 professionals. They’re specialised in digital marketing for fashion brands, offering major companies a variety of services. Their specialties include web and social media marketing, branding and PR, and media analytics.

Lievant started using Hibox in March 2016 to organise and track advertising campaigns, improve their internal communication and task management, and boost their overall team collaboration and productivity.

Their team communication jumped by 1,305% in just the first month of using Hibox, as well as sharing 2,640% more documents and setting 713% more tasks. Lievant significantly improved the way they work together as a team and saw immediate results.

Here’s how this digital marketing agency used Hibox to streamline their processes and keep on top of their campaigns.

Managing campaigns across unique streams

“We allocate each stream to a specific brand account, where the team members involved in the account are up-to-date on everything that happens.”

By creating a separate stream – a “room” for each group chat – for each of their different clients and their respective brands, Lievant are able to maintain clear and distinct communication channels for each campaign.

Create stream to improve marketing communication

Each stream includes the team members working on that campaign, and they can easily share specific information and files regarding that brand. Design graphics, website copy and tailored social media strategies – it’s all in one place. Instead of searching through an entire team chat or email thread (and potentially mixing up or confusing client information), everything is kept separate. This is particularly useful for agencies that have multiple clients in the same sector.

For Lievant, representing numerous brands in the fashion industry means that they need to provide unique and diverse campaigns for each client. Keeping all work separate in Hibox allows team members to cohesively and neatly organise the work for each client, as well as keeping everyone up-to-date on the creative direction, campaign status and the impact generated for each client. This helps Lievant to work on campaigns for some of Mexico’s biggest brand and up-and-coming names in fashion, including Aéropostale, Brantano and Montana.

According to this marketing case study check out how keeping track of what everyone’s working on is crucial  

“Assigning tasks with a due date helps each team member have more control of their daily activities.”

Once you’ve set your digital marketing team individual tasks as part of a project, it’s essential to set deadlines and prioritise tasks in order to create a campaign in the most efficient manner possible.

Create individual tasks to improve your marketing agency

By setting due dates on tasks and subtasks in Hibox, creative directors and managers can always keep on top of their team’s tasks to make sure a campaign will be completed on time. If you have to communicate with a brand or client, you can always provide them an up-to-date indication of how a campaign is progressing, due to the live tasks lists in Hibox. Set due dates to improve marketing

Set due dates to improve marketing

For each team member working on the campaign, they receive a clear and prioritised set of tasks. Knowing when everything is due helps them to manage their personal work schedule best, as they can work on the most urgent tasks first.

Lievant have seen faster task resolution from implementing Hibox to organise their digital marketing campaigns, thus boosting their efficiency and team productivity.

Brainstorm better ideas in half the time.

“Hibox lets us share documents quickly and effortlessly. This makes it much quicker to review and approve important files and ideas. We can instantly search in any stream for previous files, which makes it even easier to organise our next tasks… Plus, the Giphy integration makes team communication actually fun.”

By using specific Hibox streams to share designs, mood boards and various types of content created for brand campaigns, creative directors can quickly and easily approve their team’s work.

An entire brand campaign can be organised, worked on, shared and approved in one centralised location, maximising your team’s efficiency.

Use stream groups as brainstorming chat for a better marketing

Furthermore, the informal and ‘fun’ style of communication is also conducive to creative teams working on branding or copy. Studies have proven that chat dissipates the biases in traditional in-person brainstorming, and allows the most input from all team members.

For digital marketing agencies, creativity is the heart and soul of their work.

This marketing case study enhances how using tools and tech to boost and harness their artists, designers and writers’ creativity is essential.

Lievant use Hibox to facilitate this creative process, and make internal communication enjoyable at the same time.

As a result of using Hibox to organise their campaigns, Lievant have found that the time to complete tasks has been considerably reduced, and subsequent campaigns have been easier to organise.

If you’re a digital marketing agency or any team looking to organise your projects, streamline internal and external communication and maximise your team’s efficiency, try Hibox for free today.

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