improve your work environment

5 simple ways you can improve your work environment

Sophia Ellis
Feb 20, 2017
As Vicente del Bosque says “a good player wins a match, but a good team wins five.” This phrase applies perfectly to the business world. The work environment, so often overlooked, is one of the most important factors within a company.

Here are 5 tips to improve the work environment in your company for better productivity and employee satisfaction.

1. Improve the physical work environment:

Decor is the first thing employees see when they walk into an office. As we all know, first impressions of people and spaces are what counts and you want the impression that employees at your company have the best possible, whether you’re currently recruiting or not. Try to illuminate space with natural light to increase performance, try to minimize closed off spaces, and allow employees to personalize the space themselves. You’ll notice employees will be in a better mood and work better.

improve your work environment

2. Offer flexible solutions:

A common denominator for companies with the best working environments is flexible work time. Studies say that each person has a different cycle of activity. This means that not every person will have the same peak of concentration and productivity at the same time of day. Offer flexible schedules so that everyone is at their best at the office. If you add the opportunity to work a few days from home, you’ll see how employees attitudes towards work changes.

3. Organize routine activities:

Another thing that really affects the work environment is the daily routines. You can organize simple things like ping pong tournaments and small outings after work to improve team connection. You can also promote environmental and social responsibility focused projects to bring everyone together. Let employees pick a cause and manage a project themselves. Have everyone on the same level working together.

4. Put in a living room.

Set aside a room in your office to use as a living room. Lunch time is one of the most important times for bonding and developing a good working environment. Employees can use it to connect and share ideas. Create areas where employees can eat together without having to go to a restaurant. Buy a coffee machine so they can have coffee quietly and create features for collaborative conversation like a bulletin board or suggestion box.

5. Pay attention to the details.

See what you can change, listen to employees, their suggestions and complaints. They know better than anyone else. Remember that it usually does not take a big change to improve the working environment. Feeling heard is one of the most important factor. Create a simple communication channel with upper management so that employees feel heard and you can communicate with them in the most effective and direct way possible.

An improvement in the working environment has a very positive influence on the productivity and efficiency of the company. Apply these tips to your company today and notice the difference.

Thanks for reading and we hope this helps you get more done!

-The Hibox Team

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