top 25 social media marketing apps and tools

The top 25 social media marketing apps and tools for 2018

Sophia Ellis
Apr 17, 2018

On the surface, social media management sounds simple. Most of us manage social media for ourselves in some capacity, but managing for a brand is complete different and quite complicated. For any team, it’s a full-time activity to get it right and make social an effective part of your marketing strategy. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools available online to streamline anything from social media management, design, automation, so your team can create and execute an incredible social strategy.

Here’s our list of the top 25 social media marketing apps and tools:

Organization and productivity through social media marketing tools


Buffer is a automated posting tool with a super simple interface that allows you to schedule posts across synced Facebook, LinkedIn, GooglePlus, Twitter, and now Instagram pages. You can set posting times or use custom times for specific posts so you can set it and forget it. Buffer collects data on your top performing posts and keeps you updated on what is working and what isn’t in a very simple way.

Social media marketing tool buffer



Hibox is the best way to organize your entire marketing team to collaborate, brainstorm,and share important information. Hibox is group chat, task management, file sharing, and video conferencing combined. It’s everything your team needs to work together in one digital workspace. There is a project calendar in Hibox that is perfect for organizing and delegating work on campaigns for multiple clients.

Social media marketing tool Hibox



Hootsuite is a social media management dashboard that gives you a quick overview of all of the accounts and pages your team is managing. For teams with multiple accounts, this is a great way to manage scheduling posts across multiple accounts and their pages. Hootsuite collects and organizes data so your whole team has a clear snapshot of progress.

social media marketing tool hootsuite

LinkedIn as a social media marketing tool


Rapportive is a great way to add social to your lead generation and curation. Right within your inbox and contact lists as you’re managing email marketing campaigns and leads, Rapportive shows you all leads’ social media profile information. You don’t have to go look up their LinkedIn profile, all of the data is right there to make managing leads personally simple.

social media marketing tool rapportive



Dux-soup allows you to tag, take notes, and export all customer data to better manage your audience and leads in LinkedIn with your team without having to pay for a LinkedIn Premium account. Dux-Soup also allows you to automate profile visits to increase your visibility and outreach without any effort.

social media marketing tool dux-soup



Nimble is like an intern pulling information from LinkedIn and all other social platforms on your leads for you so you can get quick view of who they are without spending any extra time. Nimble gives you a complete, automatically updated “smart” contact card with all information on a lead in one convenient place.

social media marketing tool nimble

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is an optimized search and organization tool for top leads for your business on LinkedIn. It finds the best prospects based on your qualifications for you and then uses this data to make better and better suggestions. You can save, manage, and share data on the leads with your team in a really simple interface so you don’t have to waste your time with spreadsheets.  

social media marketing tool linkedin sales navigator

Coschedule Headline Analyzer

Coschedule Headline Analyzer is the perfect tool to write impactful and effective headlines for all social media platforms but particularly for content on LinkedIn which can be very powerful. Enter a headline and the Headline Analyzer will tell you what need to be changed to make it as intriguing and clear as it can be.

Social media marketing tool

Another social media marketing tool : Instagram:

Enlight Studio

Enlight Studio is a simple app that takes ordinary pictures and makes them incredible. Instagram is all about amazing visuals. Enlight helps you deliver quality and interesting photos every time with filters and advanced editing capabilities. You can add effects, frames, etc. to create a unique look with basic photos.

social media marketing tool instagram


Canva is a small marketing team’s dream. Almost anyone can quickly whip up well designed Instagram graphics perfectly sized for sharing in minutes. There are hundreds of templates and even stock photos to choose from to help you build a consistent brand without too much design work.

Social media marketing tool canva


Combin is a direct and advanced search for finding the right potential customers, pages, and content related to your brand and strategy on Instagram.  You can find subscribers and those accounts that interact most with your competitors and use this data to reach out to the right influencers. It also allows for mass unfollowing or following to get potential client attention simply.

social media marketing tool combin


Later is a scheduling app particularly for Instagram posts. It is a simple social media calendar for photo and video on Instagram that allows you to visually plan out your future posts for the week or month in a organized and collaborative way. You can also bulk upload and organize media from your library to speed up your posting process.

social media marketing tool later


Linktree helps optimize your in-bio link on Instagram to direct potential customers to the right content and keep them updated on your most recent content outside of your feed. It’s the best way to make sure the transition from follower/viewer to website user is working optimally. You can update and change the link to take followers to any of your other pages.

social media marketing linktree


Repost is essential to taking advantage of user generated content and engaging with other brands and customers across Instagram. Repost allows you to “repost” someone else’s post on Instagram and tag them and give them credit. For e-commerce, this is a great way to encourage user generated content and also take advantage of curating content for your followers from elsewhere.

social media marketing tool repost

Facebook as a social media marketing tool:

Anchor Video

Anchor Video takes quick audio clips and turns them into beautiful,interesting videos for Facebook or Instagram. Videos are shared considerably more than photos and having a consistent strategy with video is just as important as media. Anchor Video gives you professional quality video to share with your followers to vary content.

social media marketing tool anchor video

Advanced Facebook Search

Advanced Facebook Search allows you to find exactly what you need in terms of people, communities, tags, groups, content, etc. for your brand to connect with without spending hours going through basic Facebook Search. You can narrow down the right connections, interests, events, and groups your potential users are using quickly that you may be missing with basic search.

social media marketing tool advanced facebook search

Landscape by Sprout Social

Landscape is a really simple social media resizing tool for anyone who posts on Facebook or Instagram multiple times a day. Just upload your photo and pick which social networks you want to post it on and Landscape will show you the best ways to crop and resize it to make it work for those platforms.

Social media marketing tool landscape

Wave by Animatron

Wave is an amazing tool for creating quick, visual, and engaging Facebook videos in minutes. With a large bank of stock videos and photos, music, etc. you can create a video to match any blog post or other content to vary your social posts. Videos on Facebook perform significantly better than photos and Wave helps you create high quality videos without a ton of editing time.

Social media marketing tool wave

AdEspresso (by Hootsuite)

AdEspresso is Hootsuite’s Facebook Ad Manager. It makes A/B testing ads and different content ideas really simple and gives you back useful data in an organized way. You can test across multiple target audiences and see organized results automatically. It also allows you to save your top performing audiences and store all of your media to save time uploading and repeating what works.

social media marketing tool adespresso

Perfect Audience

Perfect Audience makes Facebook Ad retargeting very simple for you and your team. It allows you to retarget leads in their Facebook feed and display personalized ads in front of them to bring them back to your site. It tracks conversions, revenues, and allows you to manage multiple sites and audiences with one account so you can just watch the numbers increase.

social media marketing tool perfect audience



Quintly is a super simple social media analytics tool that shows you your performance across platforms in a clear view. It centralizes all data and KPIs from all of your platforms so you don’t have to waste time trying to gather data and connect the dots. You and your team can figure out what’s going on and improve strategy in minutes.

social media marketing tool quintly

Simply Measured

Simply Measured helps you track trending topics in your field and influencers so you can build an agile and effective strategy. It also analyzes your performance across platforms so you have a clear snapshot of how your team is doing and what can be improved. You can even manage and plan your posts and engagements in Simply Measured for a centralized planning experience.

social media marketing tool simply measured


BrandWatch helps you monitor the conversation going on about your brand, similar brands, and topics across the web so you know how to better position yourself. It helps you determine how to react and engage with your audiences in the right ways before you post. It’s a great way to plan and continually test your overall strategy.

social media marketing tool brandwatch


BuzzSumo is a great way to track your own presence across the web and also where you should be. It’s great for research to help understand how to get to where you want to be in terms of content keywords, backlinks, positioning compared to competitors, etc. No social media and content strategy is complete without checking out all the tools BuzzSumo offers to both plan and monitor your strategy.

social media marketing tool buzzsumo

Sprout Social

Sprout Social gives you very clear, visual displays of how your posts and engagements are performing across all platforms. You can also manage conversations with customers, potential leads, and followers directly from Sprout Social in one central place to increase your connection with your target audience.

social media marketing tool sprout social

Even implementing a few of these tools to save you time or provide insights you didn’t have before can make a huge difference in the success of you and your team’s social media marketing strategy. For a tool that allows for easy collaboration and better productivity for your marketing team, try Hibox for free today.

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